Light armored personnel carrier «Dozor-B»

Light armored personnel carrier DOZOR-B is designed to protect the crew and troops from small arms fire, shrapnel and mines namely: from 7.62-mm armor-piercing bullets at distance 30 meters and from shrapnel of 150 mm high-explosive shell which exploded at distance 50 meters.

Arms of light armored personnel carrier DOZOR-B allows to inflict damage on enemy manpower, light armored vehicles and as well to carry effective fire on air targets that fly at subsonic speeds. The body within is covered with ballistic protection of material such as "Kevlar".

Technical Specifications

  • Crew members: crew consisting of commander, driver, operator and 6 troops
  • Total weight is 8450 ± 250 kg
  • Dimensions: length / width / height, mm: 5600 / 2400 / 2700
  • Track width - 2000 mm, ground clearance - 400 mm
  • Capacity of fuel tanks, l: 146
  • Drive on wheels permanent full 4х4
  • The minimum turning radius, m: 9,8
  • The maximum angle of climb, degrees: 31
  • The width of the ditch, m, not more than 0,7
  • Cruising range on the highway, km: 700
  • Speed, km/h: 90 - 120
  • Height of obstacles, m: 0,4
  • The maximum angle of heel, degrees: 24
  • The depth of ford, of not more than, m: 1,0
  • Engine - four stroke four cylinder diesel with turbocharging DEUTZ BF 4M1013FC capacity of 190 hp
  • Automatic transmission Allison LCT 1000
  • Independent suspension, torsion bar on wishbone


  • Turret machine gun unit with remote control БПУ-12,7, with a television camera, thermal imaging cameras and laser rangefinder.
  • Television camera with wide and narrow field of view. The spectral operating range of thermal imaging cameras 8-12 microns. The wavelength of the laser rangefinder is 1.06 microns.
  • Ammunition – 450 bullets. Aiming angles vertically - from -5˚ to + 60˚, by the horizon - 360˚.

The vehiicle is equipped:

  • air conditioning system and air cleaning
  • ventilation system with forced air circulation and removal of powder gases when firing small arms
  • liquid type heating system
  • centralized paging wheels system
  • communications equipment
  • satellite navigation system
  • intercom equipment
  • winch with a pulling force of 4100 kg