Modernized Panzer Т-55

Designed to fulfill combat missions for troops who are attacking or defending, as a mass efficient means of active military operations on land in conventional and nuclear war.

Technical Specifications

  • Tank weight with ammunition and caterpillar РМШ, t: 41,5+1,5%
  • Crew, men: 4
  • Specific power, kc/t: 15
  • Average unit ground pressure, kgf/sm.kv: 0,930
  • The maximum speed on the highway,km/h: 50
  • The maximum engine power В-46-5М, h.p: 690
  • Complex of guided weapon 9К116
  • Fire Control System "Волна"
  • Shields for side cumulative protection
  • Napal protection system "Сода"
  • Engine В-46-5М
  • Radio station Р-173, Radio receiver Р-173П
  • Modernized undercarriage
  • Tracks ГМШ with high lugs
  • Radiation protection system "Поручение"
  • Smoke grenades launch system 902Б "Туча"
  • Anti-aircraft gun ДШКМ
  • 100мм. rifled canon with ThermoJacket
  • Anti cumulative dynamic protection "Контакт"

Overall sizes,mm.:

  • Length with gun forward: 9000
  • Length with gun backwards: 8485
  • Width: 3536
  • Track clearance on the bottom with mine protection: 392